Frequently Asked Question (FAQ's)

Game Play

NO. If you re-roll from the 3 pt slot, whatever you re-roll will end up back in your 3 point slot.

2 Teams per board.  A team consists of 1 or 2 players

If, after a frame is rolled there is a tie for one of the point values, the highest individual dice of the 4 wins the frame.  If the two sides are still exactly the same, they have a simultaneous 1 die roll off where any special rolls just count as their face value (1/10/20).

No.  Only a currently slotted die.  Hold dice are safe from re-rolls.

2-player teams do not need to alternate rolls between each other, they can roll in any order - but each player must roll 3 dice.

Then you cannot make anyone re-roll.

If you have a character play as a 20, if you have a 1 or 10, re-roll.

2-player teams can play their dice anywhere on their board as long as the team has 2 in each slot at the end of the frame.

Then you play your die accordingly. 

Example:  Your re-roll is a 1.  Place it in a hold corner, and have any slotted die re-roll (you cannot make the dice that forced your action to re-roll as it is currently in a hold corner). After that is done, re-roll and place your die back in its original scoring slot.  Finally, the die that made you re-roll will now finish it's play.  CLICK Here for a brief video explanation.

A legal roll cannot be leaning against a board wall (although it can be touching).  If there is a dispute during a tournament, check with your OTT Boss for a ruling.  If it is not a tournament, have a one-die roll off to decide, or ask someone nearby for a ruling.

The Game of OTT is mostly a self-regulating game.  A roll must end in the center field of play and not be leaning against a wall.  If either team feels the spirit of fairness is being violated, they can call for 'OFFICIAL' rolling.  OFFICIAL rolling includes that all rolled dice must bounce off at least 2 opposing walls (two touching walls do not count, unless a third opposing wall is touched as well).