Frequently Asked Question (FAQ's)

Tournament Play

$500 Lucky Dice Tournaments run about 2 hours.

YES!  Each week is its own tournament, with a chance to win $500 playing Lucky Dice.

Each week you also have 4 chances at an invitation to the grand finale $1000 Black Ticket Event.

Nope, only the location you won it from.  Each location gives out 32 Black Ticket Invitations for their own $1000 Lucky Dice Back Ticket Event.

$500 Lucky Dice Tournaments are open to all, held weekly,and start with round robin play, and the $1000 Lucky Dice Black Ticket Event is an Invitation Only Single Elimination Event where all prizes are doubled..

Each House of Ott hosts their own Invitation Only, Black Ticket Event.  Check the Date and Time of the Black Ticket Event at your location on their where to play page.

With an odd number of teams, someone must sit out each round and not play.  We have setup the brackets so everyone gets to play every round except the final round in some cases.